Yes, the mattress should be aired for four hours after delivery to freshen and remove any aroma from storage. It may take time for your mattress to attain its full size once the springs have settled to the correct position. This is due to the mattress being upright during transit. Settlement of fillings and indentations caused by body weight compressing the fillings are natural and not considered defects. This can be minimised by regular rotating and turning.

The divan is the unsung hero and the foundation of great support. The divan can make an ordinary mattress feel great or adversely affect the feel of a good mattress. An important ingredient for great sleep – the better the foundation, the better the feel. The divans available from Westend Bed Company are flexible and responsive, allowing the mattress to respond to individual body weight, shape and size. Our bespoke, personal service allows us to ensure you choose the perfect divan for your every requirement.

From a hygiene factor you should change your bed every 7 to 10 years. You should also consider changing your bed when it no longer supports you correctly and you stop achieving quality sleep. We guarantee our springs and frames for 25 years and we recommend that you change your top mattress every 7 to 10 years.

There are two main reasons we recommend you always buy the biggest bed that will fit your room.

  1. The more space you have, the less disturbed you will be when your partner moves. The more room you have to turn and relax without disturbing your partner, the better!
  2. Temperature control. When you slip into deep sleep your body temperature cools – this is essential for the deep sleep cycle. The smaller the bed the closer you will sleep to your partner and the more heat you will produce. Heat has a devastating effect on sleep, so when it’s time to sleep you need to be able to move into your own half to let your body cool and not be affected by your partner’s body heat.

The myth that firmer beds are better for a good night’s sleep is not true. A softer bed can still provide the correct support for your back whilst avoiding the pins and needles and discomfort caused by a bed that is too hard. Ask a member of our experienced team for advice on choosing the correct bed for you.

Turning a mattress allows the upholstery fillings to settle evenly across the mattress surface. The frequency with which you turn your mattress depends on the weight of the users sleeping on them. We would recommend turning your mattress every few months to retain the best quality and comfort, and prolong the lifespan of your bed.

We believe that the great feel of quality linens add to the overall sleep experience so we work closely with Italian suppliers to source the finest cotton percales, cotton satins and pure linens to perfectly complement your bed. We supply fitted sheets that cover deep mattress and top mattress sets. We supply all sizes – and will also custom make for round or oval bed shapes.

Our bespoke range of upholstered headboards can be made in any width, height or shape required. We supply fabrics from the best fabric houses and leather suppliers. If you have a specific idea, please discuss your requirements with a member of our team and we will be able to find the perfect headboard for your bed.

Sometimes the feel of a new bed is so different to what you have been used to, that you may question your selection and feel that you have made a mistake. A new bed will give you luxurious support that you may not have experienced before – this does not mean that it is faulty or wrong for you, it just means it’s different to what you are familiar with. Take a few weeks to get used to it, trust the feel and remember your instore sleep consultation, and try to retrain your body to sleep in the correct posture.

A new bed will not cure a medical problem; the aim is not to aggravate the problem. Often with pain the muscles tense and the pain remains constant. A mattress with a superior spring system and a softer top surface allows for a gentle support – the body sinks into the mattress enabling the muscles to relax and for the pain to ease. We would advise you to always seek professional advice if you suffer from back pain. Our team of bed experts are on hand to help you choose the correct bed to give you the best comfort and support for the perfect night’s sleep.

Our complimentary, personal sleep consultations look at your lifestyle, sleep routine and individual requirements to help you choose the perfect bed. Your bed must support your body and just as importantly it has to support your sleep cycle. Our team of bed experts are on hand to help you choose the correct bed to give you the best comfort and support for the perfect night’s sleep.

It would depend on the type of divan you have been using. Mattress and divans are made as a unit that complement each other. If an old mattress has dipped and sagged, then there’s a good chance the base is damaged. A new mattress will follow the contours of an old base which will significantly increase the wear on the new mattress. For advice on whether you need to change your mattress and divan, please speak to a member of our team.

Natural settlement is a feature of high quality pocket sprung mattresses and is caused by the natural fibres adjusting to you sleeping on them. We recommend turning your mattress regularly to ensure the settlement remains even across your mattress.

In addition to standard UK, European and USA sizes our mattresses and divans can be made to any size required. We also specialise in Oval or Round beds and we are always happy to discuss alternative and bespoke options with you.

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”