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At Marshall & Stewart we understand that the third of your life spent in bed is the foundation for the two thirds you spend awake. Good nights lead to good days.

Every bed in the Marshall & Stewart Diamond Collection has been crafted to create a sanctuary for restorative sleep, seeking to facilitate the improvements in lifestyle and health that come with achieving truly restorative sleep. Each bed is hand made in the UK by master craftsmen using the finest natural materials and comes with a 25-year guarantee.

The mattress plays an important role in creating the support required to ensure comfortable, restorative sleep. It is the foundation of the entire sleep experience and is built by us to work in synergy with the bed base, to suit your specific requirements.


Marshall & Stewart sells the world’s most luxurious and comfortable beds in our Diamond Collection, created exclusively by Marshall & Stewart. The collection is made up of six beds handcrafted to the highest standards with only the finest materials, each creating a sanctuary for restorative sleep.


Our experienced craftsmen make beds of exceptional quality, using years of experience working with natural materials, they have acquired unparalleled expertise on these materials’ qualities and attributes. All this knowledge has now been brought together to create the bed of your dreams.


We understand the third of your life spent in bed is the foundation for the two thirds you spend awake. The mattress plays an important role in creating the support required to ensure comfortable, restorative sleep. It is the foundation of the entire sleep experience.

“A bed which is made specifically for you is not luxury – it is a necessity”


A Marshall & Stewart bed represents an investment in your future. Each bed is designed to suit your individual requirements and comes with a 25-year guarantee on springs and frames. Crafted with the very finest natural materials and boasting an intelligent spring system, every Diamond Collection bed is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

A good night’s sleep is determined by a variety of factors  the support system is key, as are the materials used to create it.



Horsehair has a unique ventilation quality which allows your bed to breathe by removing moisture with ease and speed. At Marshall & Stewart, we use only the very finest long tail horsehair in each of our Diamond Collection models. The horsehair allows the mattress to stay dry by wicking away moisture and is complemented by the evaporation properties of our various woollen layers, helping you maintain an even body temperature.



Wool is an important component in each of our beds. In addition to being extremely comfortable it feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It helps to regulate body temperature throughout the night, to ensure you experience the very best night’s sleep. Depending on the model, each of the Diamond Collection beds features lambswool and in some models cashmere, which is hand teased into white horsehair to provide a resilient, luxurious feel.



Cotton is soft, absorbent and durable – the perfect natural material to use in a mattress. Cool, comfortable cotton naturally ventilates and is very effective in moisture control. At Marshall & Stewart, the beds in our Diamond Collection are all hand made with layers of lambswool, cotton and horsehair, all built around an intelligent spring system to provide the ultimate comfort allowing you to enjoy a quality restorative night’s sleep, every night.

The bed base plays an important role in creating the support required to ensure comfortable, restorative sleep. It is the foundation of the entire sleep experience and is built by us to work in synergy with the mattress to suit your specific requirements. Over the past century we have witnessed countless design innovations that have taken bed comfort to a new level. By combining this innovative design approach with the very finest natural materials that go above and beyond.







The Koh-I-Noor mattress epitomises luxury. It provides unparalleled support through a pocketed 14 turn progressive spring system which is embedded in sumptuous layers of hand teased, long stranded white horsehair blended with cashmere.

The Koh-I-Noor is a statement of excellence – the jewel in the Marshall & Stewart crown.



The Orloff mattress features an impressive 12-turn progress spring system to create incredible comfort. The mattress is layered with nature’s finest materials including hand teased horsehair along with layers of lambswool that provide a maintained temperature.

The Orloff is both supportive and durable – unmistakably a Marshall & Stewart classic.



The Cullinan features the same 14-turn pocket sprung mattress as our Koh-I-Noor bed, providing support and comfort. The Cullinan base is the perfect foundation for this luxurious mattress, featuring the best of modern technology combined with natural materials.

The Cullinan is a masterpiece – a truly innovative sleep system.



The Florentine base features a 10cm deep Bonell spring system enclosed in a frame crafted using unique wooden corner blocks for additional strength and durability. Above the spring unit, a needled flax insulator supports layers of hand teased horsehair and a pliable wool insulator.

Luxurious, stylish and supremely comfortable, the Florentine is a contemporary classic in the making.



The Sancy shares the same base as the Florentine and boats a mattress with a 10-turn sensor spring interior surrounded by generous layers of horsehair and lambswool. Two rows of hand stitching reinforce the mattress border and soft woollen tufts are fitted to ensure a deep restorative sleep.

Sancy is a supremely comfortable, luxurious and stylish sleep solution.



The Hortensia is designed to provide a great night’s sleep, every night, while offering the versatility of storage options. The bed has a unique base designed to offer the convenience of drawers without compromising the depth of support and feel provided by a spring divan.

The Hortensia represents affordable, convenient luxury to suit you and your lifestyle.

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The bespoke nature of our service goes beyond deciding the correct tension and model of bed for you, it extends to the style and look of the bed, so from the level of support, to the divan fabric and beyond, your bed is unmistakably your bed.

Through our complimentary in-store design service, you can choose from an extensive selection of bed legs and Marshall & Stewart fabrics, or alternatively, you are welcome to provide a fabric of your choice which can be used on the divan and on a bespoke headboard of your design.

All bed legs are available in choice of finishes, including mahogany, antique, chrome and natural.