How to Sleep Better this Winter

Help yourself get a better night’s sleep as the cooler weather creeps in

It’s the season of fluffy socks, cosy quilts and long nights snuggled up by the fire, so you would think that these colder months would result in the perfect night’s sleep. However, for many, cold temperatures and long nights wreak havoc on both sleep quality and quantity.


How To Overcome Grogginess During Lockdown.

Disruptions to everyday life have been felt all over the county since the UK was placed into lockdown on the 23rd March 2020, forcing people to quickly acclimatise to spending more time at home.


5 Top Tips For Making Your Bedroom A Place Of Sanctuary

Bedrooms are more than just a place to sleep. It’s the place where you start your day, end your day and on some occasions, spend all your day!

We have put together a list of top tips to make your bedroom a perfect place of sanctum. Hopefully these tips will help you to create the most relaxing environment for you.


Searching for a good night’s sleep this winter?

orthos_squareTurn down the thermostat and throw out the electric blanket!

As the UK starts to battle plummeting night-time temperatures it is no surprise that people are hiking up the thermostats and digging out their high tog duvets.


Why Are Natural Materials Best In A Mattress?

Mattress materialsThe materials that go into a mattress are absolutely vital in creating the right comfort and feel. The craftsmen who create all of our beds have years of experience working with natural materials to ensure the right blend is created to ensure the perfect feel.


Improve Your Sports Performance With Good Quality Sleep

It’s set to be a fantastic summer of sport with the Wimbledon Championships, the Men’s Cricket World Cup, the Ashes, and the Women’s Football World Cup taking place over the coming months. Such events often inspire the public to dust off their sports gear and get active. There are so many ways to improve your sports performance but one failsafe that all the experts agree on? Getting good quality sleep.


Light, The Circadian Rhythm and The Link To Sleep Quality

Woman in sunshineWe spend a third of our lives asleep and this greatly impacts on the two thirds we spend awake. But how exactly do we get a good night’s sleep and what role does light play in this?


Make Sleep A Priority For Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

Girl in bed with hot drinkGood quality, restorative sleep is vital to your physical and mental health and wellbeing. This Mental Health Awareness Week take time to practice self-care and prioritise your sleep.


Are you sleeping sustainably?

Hypnos Orthos Elite AlpacaSustainability is fast becoming a key consideration for many homeowners who are looking to purchase new furniture – and one of the biggest items to consider is the bed.


How to choose the right bed

Hypnos EleganceBuying a new bed and mattress is a major decision. After all, your rest and relaxation are at stake. At Westend Bed Company, we offer a wealth of choices so you can find the right mattress to suit your sleeping – and waking – preferences.


Easy lifestyle changes to encourage sounder sleep

Yoga positionWhile choosing the correct bed is the most important thing to guarantee sounder sleep, there are a few simple lifestyle changes that will help you drift off to the Land of Nod and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. This Sleep Awareness Week, our Sleep Experts share their top tips.


Top tips to sleep and wake beautifully

Hypnos Natural Comfort CollectionBrent Cooper, our Managing Director, has been working in the luxury bed industry for more than 30 years. In that time, he has learnt a thing or two about how to get a good night’s sleep. Here he shares his top tips on creating the perfect sleeping environment.


Improve your health with a good night’s sleep

Good quality sleep can be hard to come by but it’s absolutely vital to improve your health and wellbeing – now and in the future.


How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Eamonn and Ruth

How to get a good night's sleepBrent and the team at Westend Bed Company were delighted to welcome Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford as they filmed for their show, How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep, which aired on Channel 5 in October 2018.


Are you sleeping on the wrong bed?

Marshall and Stewart bedWe all know how important sleep is to our every day lives and physical and mental health but with so many articles and advice about how to get a good night’s sleep, it can be hard to know what to do. Brent Cooper, Managing Director at Westend Bed Company, has been in the bed industry for more than 30 years. In that time, he has learnt a thing or two about sleep and how to help his customers achieve a truly restorative night’s sleep, allowing them to wake up feeling refreshed and energised.


Give your bedroom a makeover this summer with Westend Bed Company

Hypnos Pillow Top SapphireThe bedroom is the one room in the house that is often overlooked when it comes to a revamp. However with the bed being the most important and undervalued piece of furniture in the home, accounting for your wellbeing during the third of your life spent asleep – can you really afford to overlook its importance? Maybe it’s time you gave your bedroom a makeover.


How to sleep when the weather is hot

Hypnos Othos Bed CollectionStruggling to sleep in this hot weather? Check out our top tips for keeping cool in bed.


Surprising health benefits of a good night’s sleep

Improve your health and wellbeing this spring with a visit to Westend Bed Company. Great Sleep Starts Here.


Nottinblú competition winners enjoy Venetian Valentine’s weekend

At the end of 2017, we hosted a Venetian themed evening to celebrate the launch of the exquisite Nottinblú PBS Fluid at Westend Bed Company.


Is it time to buy a new bed?

Supreme HamptonWe regularly read research and articles that impart advice on how to get a good night’s sleep. From eating the right things at the right times, exercising regularly (but not too close to bedtime), and moderating caffeine and alcohol intake, these are all lifestyle changes that can help us drift off to the Land of Nod. But what about your bed? Surely that has a significant impact on your sleep quality?


by Glenn Carroll on Westend Bed Company

Treca Adjustable Bed
West End Beds has been professional and efficient throughout during our bed buying. They advised us well, had patience, kept us informed throughout the process and the installation team were excellent. It has been a great experience and a pleasure to deal with the West End Beds team. I highly recommend them.

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