The Treca Mattress

Over the past 80 years, Treca Paris has developed a reputation for quality across the globe and has become an important brand synonymous with premium luxury. Over the years Treca has remained faithful to its ethos of offering French craftsmanship, design and know-how with each Treca Mattress still made in France to this day.

What makes a Treca Mattress stand out is their use of the finest and rarest raw materials, hand-finishing techniques and the ability to choose personal specifications and dimensions. The team selects the finest materials with the greatest care and consideration to ensure their mattresses give outstanding comfort and support night after night. The designers and craftsmen use a luxurious combination of Merino wool, silk, horsehair, mohair, hemp, alpaca, camel hair and cashmere.

Treca Mattress

Ensuring they are consistently improving the quality and comfort of their beds, Treca Mattress has pioneered articulated relaxation beds with their CAD bed bases. They now offer two lines of articulated bases, which combine the comfort of a traditional high quality bed base with an outstanding movement mechanism. The Supercad adjustable bed from Treca Mattresses Paris is now available to experience in Westend Bed Company’s purpose-built Sleep Room.

With the revolutionary Supercad bed, the technology is discreet. The pocket spring suspension, hidden beneath the ticking, gives all the comfort of a traditional fixed bed base but four silent motors smoothly move the five independent sleeping surfaces allowing you to find the ideal position.


The innovative radio remote control allows you to recall up to three memorised positions to enable you to easily revert back to a preferred position. There is also a heated pad that is placed at the foot of the mattress and a home automation socket to enable the control of a lamp or other electric appliances in the bedroom.

The design and production team at Treca filled a niche in the luxury market with their adjustable beds that combine a luxury sleep surface with the convenience of being able to move the bed. This capability provides practical and comfortable sitting positions when reading, working on a laptop or watching television – an essential, must-have option in today’s modern world.

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“More than just a mattress or bed, Tréca is a lifestyle, an art of living, an art of sleeping.”

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