How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Eamonn and Ruth

Brent and the team at Westend Bed Company were delighted to welcome Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford as they filmed for their show, How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep, which aired on Channel 5 in October 2018.

Sleep can be very elusive for people in the modern world with busy lifestyles, a 24-hour culture and the ability to be online and connected wherever you are and at any time. In fact, two-thirds of Britons have some form of sleep problem. Eamonn and Ruth were putting together a two-part show to look at how people who suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders can finally get a good night’s sleep.

The show starts with Eamonn explaining how he’s struggled to get a good night’s sleep for years due to Ruth’s loud snoring. Eamonn claims he gets by on just three hours of sleep a night and often wakes up exhausted. He meets a fellow insomniac and, after speaking with experts, they try to establish routines to encourage a good night’s sleep. Meanwhile, Ruth meets a woman whose snoring is measured to be as loud as a low-flying aircraft!

It was fantastic to have Eamonn and Ruth in our showroom and Brent was able to give them both one of our sleep consultations which includes a lifestyle evaluation and sleep analysis to help determine the type of bed model they should opt for.

As Eamonn and Ruth learn, scientific studies have shown that replacing an uncomfortable bed is associated with an increase of 42 minutes of sleep a night.

On average we spend just £450 on a bed when really we should be spending more on a quality bed that will last the test of time. Brent explains that “over the course of 10 years, £1,000 is probably less than the price of a cup of coffee a day and yet it affects every aspect of your waking life.”

“Buying a bed is the most important investment you will ever make. Sleep is more important than eating and you’ll get sicker quicker by not sleeping properly than you will without food.”

Brent explains that the whole body should be gently cushioned so he recommends a mattress that evenly supports every hollow and curve. The story goes if you feel the bed when you’re sleeping on it, it’s probably too hard for you.

We hope Eamonn and Ruth enjoyed their visit to our showroom and learnt a lot during the process about the importance of sleep and the importance of buying the correct bed. As Eamonn said on the show, the consultation was “the best fun you’ve ever had with your clothes on!”

Watch How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep on My5 here (recording available until October 2019) and call us on 020 7723 2925 to book your complimentary sleep consultation and speak to Brent and the team.