Introducing the Diamond Collection

British luxury bed makers Marshall & Stewart have officially unveiled their inaugural bed collection. Consisting of six exquisite models, the Diamond Collection beds are hand crafted in Britain using a combination of traditional techniques and innovative designs, creating sanctuaries for restorative sleep.

Designed by the bed experts at Marshall & Stewart, each bed is hand crafted by layering the very finest natural materials and a progressive, intelligent spring system providing unparalleled comfort.

Brent Cooper, Managing Director of Westend Bed Company, said: β€œFor decades the UK bed industry has been lying dormant, creating good beds but focusing solely on the support they provide. The team at Marshall & Stewart have been looking at things differently. A bed needs to be supportive, but it also must complement a person’s sleep cycle, only then can the bed induce excellent quality, restorative sleep. When this is achieved correctly, as it is with the Diamond Collection beds, a person will experience a kind of sleep beyond their wildest dreams. The industry needs to evolve, and the team at Marshall & Stewart are leading the way.”

The Diamond Collection includes six beds which are categorised by their traditional and contemporary design. The collection’s flagship bed – the Koh-I-Noor and the Orloff feature superb bases with hour glass springs that are hand-lashed, while the contemporary Cullinan, Florentine, Sancy and Hortensia boast the latest in spring technology ensuring luxurious support and incredible sleep comfort. All models are layered with lambswool, cotton and horsehair and each mattress is built around an intelligent spring system to provide ultimate comfort.

The team at Marshall & Stewart understand that the third of a person’s life spent in bed is the foundation for the two thirds they spend awake. For this reason, every bed in the Collection is made to the specific requirements of the client, taking into consideration size, weight and lifestyle.

At Westend Bed Company, we are pleased to offer a complimentary in-store design service for all clients enabling them to choose from an extensive selection of bed legs and fabrics. Clients and designers are also welcome to provide a fabric of their choosing which can be used on the divan and headboard ensuring the bed is bespoke to them.