Look forward to bedtime with Westend.


Are you guilty of putting off going to bed because you haven’t had enough time to yourself during the day?

Bedtime procrastination is a way to enjoy a few hours of entertainment after a stressful and busy day. It might feel good at the time, when you’re sat watching your favourite programme on TV, but late nights followed by early mornings can result in serious sleep deprivation.

Understanding the symptoms, causes and consequences of sleep deprivation can help you recognise when you’re engaging in it, enabling you to take the necessary steps to prevent you from doing it. But the one thing we can help you with at Westend Bed, is choosing a bed so perfect for you, that getting ready for bed is something you look forward to each night.

Book your complimentary sleep consultation with a member of our knowledgeable team here at our London showroom where you will undergo a lifestyle evaluation and sleep analysis. Your time spent with our experts is to ensure you find the perfect fit for you. Afterall, buying a new bed is an important decision as the two thirds of your life that you spend awake are directly affected by how you sleep.

Along with finding the right bed base and mattress, we also have an extensive range of bed linens, pillows and mattress toppers for you to choose from. Adding the extra touch of luxury bedding to your bed just gives you another reason to want to crawl into it in the evening.

There are many things you can do to make it more inviting to go to bed at an appropriate time, especially if you have an early morning. Ensuring you have a bed that offers ultimate comfort, is just one of those things; perhaps the most important, considering it is the foundation for your sleep.