Sleep Aids – How to help yourself get a better nights sleep.

Experiencing trouble sleeping is not a new concept and people have struggled with the crankiness that comes with a lack of sleep for many years.

However, poor sleep does not just contribute towards a bad mood. Poor sleep can result in poor decision making and limited attention span. On top of this, research is currently being carried out looking at the possibility that long-term sleep deprivation, links to Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been known to affect a person’s driving ability and mental health.

What is relatively new though, is the amount of money and research going into finding solutions on how to help people sleep better. Persistence Market Research estimates that the sleep aids market is worth approximately £64 billion, and public understanding around the health benefits of sleeping well is growing rapidly.

With consumer interest increasing, it only makes sense that an abundance of sleep aids have been introduced to the market by various companies but choosing the correct product for you can be unnerving.

You can now track and analyse the quality of your sleep with products such as the Oura ring sleep activity tracker. Worn 24 hours a day, it is able to track heart rate, body temperature and can cleverly determine how long you spend in deep or light sleep. The Oura ring is at the higher end of the market, so if you are looking to spend a little bit less, there are various apps that can be downloaded onto your smart watches. The Sleep Cycle intelligent alarm clock can analyse sleep patterns, using the information collected to wake you up at the correct time, ensuring you have had the optimum amount of sleep.

Electronics such as Dodow, use light to help you sleep better. This particular device uses a light pattern system to aid with falling into a deeper sleep faster. The Somneo Sleep Light by Phillips offers light-guided breathing that, by following, will help you relax and fall asleep effortlessly.

The most important sleep aid and the one that we can help you with, is something that you already use each night but may not know just how important is; your mattress. With our sleep consultations, you can visit our showroom and a knowledgeable member of our team will discuss your daily routine and current sleep patterns, in order to help you find your dream bed.

Daily life keeps us all extremely busy and our days are filled with anxieties and stress. Getting a good, restful night’s sleep has never been more important or needed, and finding the right sleep aid for you could be the first step in the right direction.

If you’d like to arrange your personal sleep consultation, you can do so here.