Westend Bed launches sleep consultation service

To help each customer achieve a truly restorative sleep night after night, the team at Westend Bed Company has launched a brand new sleep consultation service at their showroom in East Sheen.

Each complimentary 45-minute consultation is taken by a member of the experienced team and involves a lifestyle evaluation and sleep analysis which identifies the correct support system required for each customer.

The consultations are aimed at individuals, couples and families – all of which, at some point, will experience the effects of prolonged sleep disturbance.

Brent Cooper, Managing Director of Westend Bed Company, said: “Each person is affected by poor sleep at one time or another but it is alarming how many people simply tolerate it, not acknowledging that disturbed sleep affects not only the third of their life that they’re in bed but also the two thirds when they are awake. Prolonged sleep deprivation, whether it is an inability to fall or stay asleep can cause back pain, premature ageing, stress, weight gain and mood swings.”

According to research, people who sleep for less than four hours a night are 73% more likely to be overweight than someone who sleeps well. Additional research suggests that those who sleep for as much as six hours per night are 25% more likely to be overweight.

Brent Cooper added: “The research is alarming. People need to take their sleep seriously – which is why I would encourage people to have a consultation. More often than not disturbed sleep is because a person’s bed has an incorrect support system. This is why they toss and turn in their sleep; resulting in them feeling tired and aching in the morning. People need regular, restorative sleep in order to function properly.”