Enjoy the best sleep imaginable with the Nottinblú PBS Fluid, exclusively available at Westend Bed Company

Experience the Nottinblú PBS Fluid exclusively at Westend Bed Company – the first and only showroom in the world to showcase this market-leading adjustable bed.

Imagined, designed and made in Italy, the Nottinblú PBS Fluid is the world’s most advanced bed system, combining physics with exceptional engineering skills. Its breakthrough design employs a friction-free, hydraulic circuit which automatically self-adjusts to the weight, shape and movements of the body. Its motions are fluid and the comfort perfect.

No matter where you move in your sleep or how you lay, a Nottinblú bed will adapt and re-adjust to you, ensuring your spine is always in full alignment. The revolutionary bed actively responds to the curves, weight and movements of your body, night after night. This is in stark contrast to most beds where the sleeper tends to ‘sink in’ to the mattress, resulting in a non-aligned spine leading to interrupted sleep or aches and pains upon waking.

We are delighted to offer this stunning bed from Nottinblú, the only bed capable of providing both anatomic necessities for achieving full-body relaxation for sleep – spinal column alignment and weight-volume absorption. Every pressure imposed on a Nottinblú bed is instantly and equally balanced.

The posture we have during the day and the pain that we can sometimes carry is the result of an incorrect posture during the night. PBS uses the scientific principle of pressure equalisation to create beds that actively support the body, not just passively absorb its weight and volume. As every pressure point on the body is relieved, the body can relax completely and the spine can align – allowing you to drift off to the best sleep imaginable.

The design of the Nottinblú is inspired by Archimedes’ Principle of Flotation which dates back over 2,200 years. In his Principle, Archimedes proved that any object immersed in a fluid is buoyed upwards by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object. The team at Nottinblú have used that Principle to design their bed systems to redistribute weight and volume instantly.

Sleeping on an adjustable bed allows you to alter your sleeping position to your exact requirements – even if these change over time. The PBS system also helps to ease pressure on your back, preventing the chances of getting sciatica. The adjustable mechanisms allow the bed to be specifically altered to match the contours of the body, keeping the spine aligned and preventing the chances of trapping a nerve. Sleeping on an adjustable bed can also prevent the chances of snoring and can help ease sleep apnoea.

Westend Bed Company offers a simulator in their showroom where customers can experience the difference between the support a regular base gives in comparison to how the PBS system works. This simulator helps to give customers a better idea of what they should be thinking about when making decisions on the most important topic of sleep.

To ensure you find your ideal bed, the team at Westend Bed Company also offer every customer a complimentary Sleep Consultation. These consultations involve a lifestyle evaluation and sleep analysis to help you find the perfect style, model and support system for your individual requirements.

Find out more about our Sleep Consultations and the revolutionary Nottinblú PBS Fluid, and take your first step towards restorative sleep, every night.