Get your new year off to the right start with Westend Bed Company

Sleep is an aspect of life that is often overlooked. We regularly hear about high-flying business people who boast about the small amount of sleep they can function on and it is often seen as a badge of honour. However, sleep affects every aspect of our waking life. Life is hard, but without sleep it’s even harder.

Did you know, a lack of sleep can have the same impact on your reflexes and reactions as being over the drink driving limit? You wouldn’t get behind the wheel if you were drunk but people regularly go about their day with very little sleep, oblivious to the effect it is having on their mental and physical wellbeing.

Ever wondered why you have a short attention span or regularly snap at your nearest and dearest? A lack of sleep could be the culprit. This year make quality sleep a priority.

At Westend Bed Company we are on a mission to help people achieve restorative sleep, every night, and to enjoy the endless benefits this brings. Our sleep experts have been in the bed industry for decades and have gained a wealth of expertise meaning they can offer unrivalled advice to help you drift off to the Land of Nod. The team offer complimentary Sleep Consultations where they look at your current sleeping habits and your lifestyle to ensure you find the correct model, support and style of bed for you to achieve quality sleep every single night.

As well as providing expert sleep advice, we have sourced the finest collection of beds from across the globe and are proud to present the largest collection of Hypnos beds in the UK. From Regency to Orthos, the entire collection is available to browse at our showroom in East Sheen. We are also pleased to be the flagship showroom of Marshall & Stewart’s Diamond Collection. Each bed in this collection has been handcrafted by expert craftsmen who use age-old traditional techniques and work with the finest natural materials to provide luxurious comfort.

Back pain, sleep apnoea or other issues caused by an uncomfortable mattress can cause you to have a restless sleep preventing you completing the Sleep Cycle, and in particular, from entering the Deep Sleep stage. Deep Sleep allows your body to completely shut down and for your muscles to relax. If your body is not supported your muscles will not be able to relax. Good quality mattresses provide a comfortable support system to sink into (as opposed to sleeping on top of) and adjustable beds have been designed to adjust to you, no matter where you move in your sleep.

At Westend Bed Company, we are delighted to exclusively offer two of the best adjustable beds in the world. The Nottinblú PBS Fluid is imagined, designed and crafted in Italy and actively responds to the curves, weight and movements of your body, night after night. It is the only bed in the world capable of providing the anatomic necessities for achieving full-body relaxation for sleep – spinal column alignment and weight-volume absorption.

The Supercad adjustable bed from Treca Interiors Paris is also exclusively available at Westend Bed Company. This bed combines traditional French elegance with a revolutionary movement mechanism. Having developed a worldwide reputation for quality, Treca Interiors Paris has become synonymous with premium luxury. With the Supercad adjustable, the technology is discreet with four silent motors which smoothly move the five independent sleeping surfaces to allow you to find your ideal sleeping position. The design and convenience of this moveable bed also provides comfortable sitting positions.

Everyone is different which means that their requirements in a bed are different too. That’s why we always recommend trying a few different styles of mattress to see which is best for you. Browse our entire collection of high quality, luxury beds and take your first step to making sleep a priority in 2018 with a visit to Westend Bed Company.