Improve your health with a good night’s sleep

Good quality sleep can be hard to come by but it’s absolutely vital to improve your health and wellbeing – now and in the future.

Every day we read articles and research about the importance of good, quality sleep and how the latest gadget or fad can help you to achieve it. While mattress companies such as Simba and Eve claim to help you improve your sleep, these tend to be short term fixes as opposed to an investment into your future sleep quality and health.

“In the search to try to achieve deep sleep so many factors get the blame – blue light, TVs, laptops, iPads, caffeine etc. The tendency to lay the blame on everything rather than look to the obvious drives me crazy,” says Brent Cooper, Managing Director of Westend Bed Company.

Brent explains that people often, inaccurately, feel that if they spend a lot of money on a bed, it will automatically solve all their sleep woes and allow them to drift off to the Land of Nod. However, this is not necessarily the case. While it is important to invest in a quality bed, what is more important is to ensure it is the right bed and offers the correct support and foundation for the individual. Then everything else will fall nicely into place.

Brent and the team at Westend Bed Company are on a mission to teach people about the importance of quality sleep and to help them to achieve it by finding the correct bed – no matter what their individual requirements. To help with this mission the team have developed complimentary sleep consultations that help customers find the correct design, model and support system for them.

“We’ve had people come back within a few weeks and also years later telling us how much they love their bed and how much it has improved their sleep and general wellbeing. One customer told us her husband said if she ever left him, she’d have to leave the bed as well!”

Westend Bed Company is a Hypnos Premium Stockist and offers the entire collection, including those available in Premier Inns across the UK and the Regal Collection which includes designs commissioned for the royal households. The showroom is also the flagship store for Marshall & Stewart’s luxurious, handmade Diamond Collection.

The store is also home to a collection of market-leading adjustable beds including the PBS Fluid from Nottinblú, whose bed base automatically adjusts to pressure from the body, and the exquisite Supercad adjustable beds from Treca Paris.

Brent and the showroom recently featured on Channel 5’s How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

Visit the showroom at 215 Upper Richmond Road West (on the corner of East Sheen Avenue) or call 020 7723 2925 to find out more.