Top tips for buying a quality bed

A restful night of sleep is vital for good health and well worth a solid investment. Here, Brent Cooper, Managing Director at Westend Bed Company, shares his top tips for buying a new bed as well as exactly why getting a good night’s sleep is so important.

As with many things in life, you get what you pay for, and the same applies when choosing a bed. Bargain-priced beds may feel adequately supportive, reasonably comfortable and reassuringly familiar in the showroom, but be aware that it will quickly deteriorate and you will find yourself suffering from poor sleep very quickly along with the damaging effects of sleep deprivation. Investing in a high-quality bed not only provides a more comfortable night’s sleep from day one but the health benefits and the improvement in mood can last a lifetime.

Soft, medium or firm?
Like the Goldilocks conundrum – as soon as you lie in a bed that is too hard or too soft, you can normally tell straight away that it’s not the bed for you. The right bed is the one that isn’t noticeable when you’re lying in it. What do you feel when you lie in the bed? If you sink down too much the bed is too soft but if you don’t sink down at all, then it’s too hard. Correct support is crucial, but that does not mean the bed has to be rock hard. You should be able to sleep ‘in’ a mattress as opposed to lying on top of it as this will allow your body and muscles to relax, allowing you to enter the Deep Sleep Stage of the Sleep Cycle, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed.

Think about the size
Heat control is important – sleeping too close to your partner will increase your body temperature. When it is time to sleep you need to be able to move into your own half of the bed and allow your body to cool down. Always buy the biggest bed your room will take. Your bed should be big enough for you to stretch out comfortably and turn over easily. The more space you have the less disturbed you will be when your partner moves. Length is also a key thing to consider when choosing a bed. Your bed should be at least 6 inches longer than you are tall.

Natural fillings
Our Sleep Experts always advise opting for a bed with natural fillings. Beds made from foam, latex and memory foam offer excellent support but they struggle to regulate your body temperature, leading to uncomfortably hot and disturbed sleep. Natural fillings such as horsehair, wool and cotton help to regulate temperature and efficiently manage moisture control allowing you to enjoy quality sleep, every single night.

Bespoke design
Although you probably have many things in common, it is unlikely that you and your partner have the same support requirements when it comes to beds, so ultimately someone ends up compromising. If one of you does not have the correct level of support, neither of you will be able to enjoy quality, undisturbed sleep. It might be worth investing in a bespoke mattress – one that will benefit both parties.

Complimentary Sleep Consultations
Embarking on buying a new bed can be quite a daunting task. With so many different models, tensions and levels of support to choose from it can be hard to know where to begin. The team at Westend Bed Company understand this and offer complimentary Sleep Consultations to every customer. These consultations last 45 minutes and involve a lifestyle evaluation and sleep analysis to help their customers find the correct support system, model and style of bed to allow them to benefit from truly restorative sleep.

Try a variety of models
The best way to find the perfect bed for your requirements is to try a few different models. As well as providing unrivalled sleep advice, the team at Westend Bed Company has also sourced the finest collection of luxury beds from across the globe, including the largest collection of Hypnos beds in the UK, Marshall & Stewart’s Diamond Collection, and two of the best adjustable beds in the world – the market-leading Supercad adjustable bed from Treca Interiors Paris with exquisite French design and craftsmanship, and the revolutionary Nottinblú PBS Fluid, which has been imagined, designed and made in Italy, combining physics with innovative engineering skills. Browse the entire collection of luxury beds and speak to the team to find the bed of your dreams.