Surprising health benefits of a good night’s sleep

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Struggling to concentrate at work? Always feeling tired and lethargic? Losing your temper over the smallest things? A lack of sleep could be the culprit. People are always shocked to discover just how much of their waking life is negatively affected by poor sleep. We spend a third of our lives asleep and this has a direct impact on the two thirds spent awake.

There are many physical benefits of getting a good night’s sleep. Many people notice their skin gets clearer, with fewer blemishes and the infamous black circles under the eyes are banished after a good night of shut-eye. However there are many benefits that are not as obvious. Quality sleep can result in lower blood pressure and the positive implications this can have on the health of your heart. Restorative sleep also helps you to maintain a healthy weight, reduces your chances of getting diabetes and helps to improve your immune system, enabling your body to fight back against colds and infections. We often read about sports professionals who credit their performance and success to restorative sleep (among other things). But it’s not just sporting achievements that will improve as a result of quality sleep. A well-rested mind will also sharpen your concentration, spur creativity and lower stress levels – something we all strive for in our hectic lives.

Quality sleep will also improve your reflexes and reactions. Did you know being sleep deprived has the same effect as being over the drink driving limit, resulting in slower reactions? It also has a negative impact on your concentration and memory. The Deep Sleep stage of the Sleep Cycle allows the brain to de-frag and store useful information in the long term memory part of the brain. That is why we often appear forgetful after poor or disturbed sleep. With lives becoming increasingly busy and work pressures mounting, more people than ever are seeking advice and assistance about how to improve their sleep quality.

Invest in your long term health and wellbeing by investing in a quality bed. A quality bed should be supportive and should keep your spine aligned, enabling you to drift off to the Land of Nod in comfort. Deep Sleep allows your body and muscles to relax and recuperate, letting you wake up feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the day.

While cheap beds may appear supportive and comfortable in the showroom, once you get the bed home and you’ve had a few sleeps on it, the quality will quickly deteriorate and your sleep will suffer. Investing in a well-made bed filled with natural materials and supportive springs will enable you to enjoy the long term benefits of truly restorative sleep, every single night.

Westend Bed Company is a specialist bed showroom that is home to a fantastic collection of luxury beds and is located in East Sheen, in the heart of Richmond, South West London. The showroom is run by the Cooper family who have a wealth of experience, having worked in the bed industry for over 30 years. Throughout this time, they have developed a deep understanding of sleep and have introduced personalised Sleep Consultations which are offered free of charge to each customer to help them find the right bed for their individual requirements. The Consultations involve a sleep evaluation and lifestyle analysis and provides customers with valuable information about sleep to enable them to make an informed choice about the correct style, model and support system they require from a bed.

The large, spacious showroom is home to a comprehensive range of beds including the largest collection of Hypnos beds in the UK and the handmade Diamond Collection from British manufacturer Marshall & Stewart. Westend Bed Company also displays beds from leading Italian designers, Cantori and Nottinblú – in fact it is the first and only showroom in the world to showcase the Nottinblú PBS Fluid, which features a revolutionary adjustable design to cater for today’s lifestyle enabling people to watch TV or use laptops or tablets in bed. Perfectly complementing these collections is the Supercad adjustable bed from Treca Interiors Paris, another market-leading adjustable bed exclusively available at Westend Bed Company.

If you want to boost your mood, energise yourself and feel better (both mentally and physically), get a good night’s sleep and start enjoying the benefits. Take your first step to quality, restorative sleep with a visit to Westend Bed Company.